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The status and outcome of a claim can easily be seen on the Claims view.



If you are viewing a policy, and you would like to see the status of the claims linked to it, click Claims on the sidebar menu.



Alternatively, the claims can be viewed from the Policyholder view by clicking Claims on the sidebar menu. 

The Claims section reflects the number of claims linked to a policy, who the claimant is, as well as the status and outcome of the claim.



In the table below, we've listed the different statuses that a claim can have, and what each status means.




The claim is still being completed by the store agent.

There are likely outstanding documents on the claim.

In review

The claim has been reviewed by an assessor and needs to be finalised by a supervisor.


An assessor has reviewed the claim, and finalised it.


A final decision has been reached, and the claim is no longer active.



This table lists the different claim outcomes and what they mean.




The claim will be paid out.

No claim

The claim will not be paid out.


The claim will not be paid out. This could  either be because the terms of the contract between the insurer and policyholder have not been met, or due to fraud.


The claim will be paid out. However, the insurer does not accept liability for the claim and it is being paid out as an expression of goodwill.  

Pending Decision

The claim is still being completed by the store agent.

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