Finalise a claim

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Once an assessor has made a recommendation on a claim, the claim will be submitted for review by a supervisor.

To review a claim decision:

1.  Click View on dashboard in the body of the email to open the claim.




2.  To access a claim that needs to be reviewed when you’re logged into the dashboard:

       Navigate to the Claims view. You can search for the claim that you’d like to review by:

    • The claim number.
    • The claimant name.
    • The policy number (that the claim is linked to).
    • The policyholder name.


3. When you’ve opened the relevant claim, review the details of the claim and the supporting documents.


Once you’ve done that, either agree or disagree the assessor’s findings by selecting the relevant recommendation and you will be asked to confirm your decision:


Once the decision has been approved, the claim will be finalised:


If the claim has been rejected, it will be sent back to the claims assessor:


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