Review a claim

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When a claim has been sent for review by an agent, an assessor will need to review the claim along with its supporting documentation. Based on their findings, the assessor will recommend an outcome.

1. You will receive an email to notify you that you need to review a claim.
   Click View on dashboard in the body of the email to open the claim.



    Alternatively, if you're already logged into the dashboard and would like to review a claim:

  1. Navigate to the Claims view. You can search for the claim that you’d like to review by:
  • The claim number.
  • The claimant name.
  • The policy number (that the claim is linked to).
  • The policyholder name.



2. Review the claim and the relevant information. You may need to complete a Review Checklist.



3. Once you’ve completed the review, enter the recommended outcome, and a summary of your decision.


4.  Send the claim to the Claims Supervisor for finalisation by clicking Send to confirm



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