Configure the functionality of your organisation

Enable features for your organisation and request access to selected add-ons directly from the Dashboard.

Note: Features and add-ons are enabled by environment. You can configure them separately for Sandbox and Production mode.


To view or manage the configuration of your organisation, the following permissions need to be enabled for your user role:

  • Manage organisation features and add-ons: This permission allows you to enable and disable features for your organisation.
  • Read organisation features and add-ons: This permission allows you to view which features and add-ons have been enabled for your organisation.

Managing features

To manage features for your organisation:

  1. Log into your account on the Root Platform.
  2. Navigate to Organisation > Features & Add-ons.
  3. Use the toggle switch next to each feature to enable or disable it.

Changes are applied immediately and will affect all users in your organisation.

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Managing add-ons

Add-ons are paid features that can only be enabled by the Root team.

In the Features & add-ons section on the dashboard, you can see which add-ons are enabled for your organisation.

To request the activation of an add-on for your organisation, please contact

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