Create an application for a policy

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An application for a policy may need to be captured before a policy can be issued. This is dependant on the workflow of your organisation.

To create an application for a policy, you will need to:

1. Click New Policy on the Policy view.CREATE_app_1.png

2. Select the product you would like to create an application for.


3. The steps that need to be followed will be summarised to the left of your screen. The progress of the application process will also be marked here.


 4. Enter the requested information. This will include the policyholder's ID number. The ID number is looked up to check whether there is an existing policy for the policyholder. This verification step could happen either at the beginning of the application process, or after the coverage options and risk factors have been completed. This depends on the product.

5. Review the quote. If all the information is correct, click Next. If not, you can click back and make changes.



6. You can now review the application information. If all the details are correct, you have the option to either send the policyholder a quote, or to create the application.



7. You may be requested to add a payment method next. If the policy premiums are being paid by debit order, you will need to enter the banking details of the person responsible for making payment. Once completed,  click Next



Once the application is saved, it will be visible in the Applications view.


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