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A refund request can only be created if at least one premium has been paid on a policy. If a policyholder is due a refund, follow the steps below to create the payment request:

   1.  When you’re on the relevant policy, click Refunds on the menu on the left.



    2.  Click Request refund.


  3.  Fill in the relevant information for the refund.



  •   Amount - there are two options:
    • Last payment amount - this will autofill the Amount block with the last successful payment amount on the policy.
    • Custom amount - A custom amount can be added to the total of premiums received
  •  Reference - Reason for the refund.
          Banking Details - The details of the bank account that the customer would like the refund to be paid into.
  •    We suggest that the bank account details be that of the same account that the premium was debited from.     
  • Bank accounts added for refunds are not verified.                               

    4. Once all the details have been added, click Submit.


You can view your refund status in the Payments section of the dashboard under Refund payout requests.



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