Edit a policyholder's information

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Policyholder information can be updated after it has initially been captured.

To update a policyholder’s information:

  1. On the Policies view, search for the policyholder. This can be done by entering their name or identification.



    2. Open any of the policies that the policyholder is linked to.

    3. Click the policyholder’s name in the policy menu to the left of your screen. This will open the Policyholder view.



      4. Click Edit. Information that cannot be updated, will be greyed out.

          In the example below, we cannot update the ID type.



Any changes that are made to policyholder details will trigger an update to the policy schedule. Depending on the customer notification settings for the product module, the updated policy schedule will be emailed to the policyholder. This means that if a single policyholder has multiple policies, it can trigger a communication on all active policies. 

You can see this on the Activity log for the policy.


On the Policyholder view, there is  an overview of the policyholder’s information and a source of reference for all claims and policies that are linked to the policyholder.  You can click through to all policies and claims linked to the policyholder.


The payment methods linked to the policyholder can also be viewed here. There can be more than one payment method because we keep a record of all payment methods that a policyholder has/ had.


Examples of when a policyholder may have more than one payment method linked to them include:

  • The policyholder may have added a new payment method to their policy, such as when their banking details change,
  •  Or they have a different payment method for each policy linked to them.

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