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It is possible for a policyholder to make payment for premiums outside of their monthly debit order. For example, they could have missed a premium or want to pay for a premium/s in advance. There are two ways in which they can make payment:

  • Ad hoc collection request
  • EFT payment allocation

Ad hoc collection request

This is a debit order that can be created on the dashboard as follows:

1. When you’re on the relevant policy, select Payments from the menu on the left.




2. Click Actions.

3. From the drop-down menu, select Submit collection request.




4. Fill in the required information for the collection request:

    • Amount - enter the amount that the policyholder would like to be debited for this collection request. This amount can’t be more than 2x the monthly premium. The policy will be credited with this amount.
    • Date - enter the date that the policyholder would like the payment to take place. This can be from the next business day onwards.
    • Reference - add a reference for the payment. For example, “March premium”.



5. Click Create and a collection request will be created.


When creating a collection request, please keep in mind the following:

  • Collection requests cannot trigger payments for the current day. The earliest that it can trigger payments for is the next business day.
  • Collection requests are reviewed by our Billing Team at 9am (SAST) on weekday mornings. If a collection request is created after 9am (SAST) on a Friday to strike on a weekend, it will not be submitted.
  • Avoid creating manual collection requests for outstanding balances close to the normal billing day of a policy. The platform will usually automatically collect all outstanding amounts unless the product has specific payment miss logic.
  • Add notes on the policy when you create collection requests to help other dashboard users understand the reason for the request.
  • Refresh the page once collection requests have been created to ensure that they have been captured correctly.
  • Be aware of collections in contravention of PASA rules. Refer to for more information.












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