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You can create custom views for your organisation on the Root dashboard. You may want to do this if it is useful for members of your organisation to easily view policies with a particular status without having to manually filter for these policies each time they log in.

When you create a custom view, everyone in your organisation will see it, so it should be named something that everyone will understand.

If you are on the Policies view and there are no custom views, it will state None under Custom views.


To create a Custom view:

1. Click on Filters next to Search policies.

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 09.59.17.png

2. Select the data you want to include in the custom view. For example, you may want to see active policies issued by a specific agent or all policies issued via your API. Once you have the data you would like to create a view for selected, click on the Apply filters button. 

3. If you do not click on this button, it will not save your selection. Once you have clicked on Apply filters, click Create View  next to it.

4. A pop-up with the title Create new custom view will appear. Type in the name of the custom view and then click Create view. The custom view will now appear under Custom views

If you would like to edit any of the custom views:

1. Ensure you have that custom view selected.

2. Click on Filters and change or add any additional data.

3. Once you have finished making the edits, click Apply filters  and then click Update current view

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 10.07.27.png

4. Confirm that you want to update the custom view with new filters. Click Update view .

 To delete a Custom view, click on the grey X to the right of the custom view title.  


Confirm that you want to delete the view. If you are sure, click Delete view.


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