Add a beneficiary to a policy

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A beneficiary can be added to a policy as follows:

1. Open the policy that you would like to add a beneficiary to. Either click on Beneficiaries in the policy menu or scroll down. 

2. Click Manage Beneficiaries.



3. Click New Beneficiary and select the beneficiary type. 



4. If you are adding a person, the below fields are required:

    • The country that the person is from and their ID type.
    • The beneficiary's ID/passport number.
    • The beneficiary's personal details including an email address or phone number.
    • Bank details can be added but are not required.



5. If you are adding a company, these are the required fields:

  • The company name and registration number.
  • The details of a contact person at the company.
  • Bank details can be added but are not required.



6. Once you have completed filling in the details, click Save

7.  Next, you will need to add the percentage that should be allocated to the beneficiary. If there is only one beneficiary, the percentage will be 100%. 



If there is more than one beneficiary, the percentage  allocated to each of them must add up to 100% in total.



Note: The Save button will not be clickable if the percentage does not add up to 100%. Once the percentage adds up to 100%, the Save button will become active.


Once you’re done, click Save.
Beneficiary details can be edited at any time.


Beneficiaries can also be added and updated via a Claim:

1. Open the claim that you would like to add/update the beneficiary of, and follow the same steps as when you are on a policy.






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